Mobeye is a tool designed to assist brands with their on-the-ground marketing by offering financial incentives to connected customers to feed back information gathered from retail sales outlets.

Mobeye Enables Brands to Reward Customers for Checking Store Displays

For some time now rewards have been used as a means of encouraging interaction between brands and their customers. For example, platforms such as Recipay, Perk and Yes Profil enable brands to reward users directly for supplying personal data. But can a company count on ordinary consumers to perform some professional tasks as well? Trying to test this concept is a startup which is planning to launch a mobile app called Mobeye. L’Atelier caught up with the Mobeye team last week at the Prototype Fiesta event held in Paris by the Startup42 accelerator (which is hosted by EPITA, the computer science and software engineering higher education institute). Mobeye offers brands selling their product(s) through retail outlets a way of calling upon their connected customer community to collect valuable on-the-ground commercial data.

Transforming consumers into sales force professionals

“Today 75% of sales outlets never receive a visit from brand representatives and on-the-ground marketing is very expensive for companies,” points out Aymeric Berenger, one of the Mobeye co-founders. Hence the idea of recruiting customers at the stores to do the job. They can use the Mobeye app to carry out inspections in their neighbourhood from which brands can then benefit. Among the tasks are verifying that the shelf display of a given product in a supermarket is appropriate and checking that promotions, on-site advertising and pricing information are conveniently placed. Mobeye can be used in various ways: users can fill in a questionnaire or take on-site geolocated photos. Explains Aymeric Berenger: “We ask our users to activate geolocation on their smartphones so that later on we can check the authenticity of the information, ensure that the photos haven’t been manipulated, and so on.” This provides a guarantee for both the brands concerned and for the stores.

Gamification central to ongoing development

The Mobeye team aggregates and analyses the data which is sent in via the app and then provides the client company with dashboards showing key indicators. The great advantage of harnessing customers to provide this kind of assistance is that “this information is all the more valuable if it can be obtained on a regular basis,” stresses Berenger. The team revealed that after only two weeks in beta testing, its 100 users had already inspected 60 sales outlets. As regards the development of the Mobeye brand itself, the startup team are planning to pursue a gamification strategy that will inter alia allow the most loyal app users to take on more complex tasks than those allotted to other users, so that they can become Mobeye ambassadors. “We’ll be using games and social network interaction in order to create the maximum motivation among our community,” explained Aymeric Berenger.