Tel Aviv-based startup, is now applying its technology – originally used to provide an automatic social photo album creation service – to building automated microsites for events. launches event microsite creation service


One might imagine that a mobile app which helps users make sense of their ever-growing photo collections through automatic organization and curation would be highly appreciated. However over the past year or so, we have seen startups offering this type of service stagnate or fail. For example, smart photo platform Everpix no longer exists, Tracks has shifted ground and launched a new photo-editing/mixed media sharing app called Kanvas, while Flayvr, the app which provides you with a photo gallery on your mobile, has still not achieved mass market adoption. Now Israeli startup, which came on to the market with its automated social photo album service, is distancing itself from this core activity with the launch of a new service focused on building mobile websites for events. These ‘microsites’, as the company calls them, are intended to serve as online pop-up shops for events such as music concerts, sports events and film festivals.

Automated online aggregation of event info

The new microsite creation service essentially repurposes’s aggregation technology, which was initially developed for the automatic creation of social photo albums. It allows event organizers, bands or teams to quickly launch a mobile website that pulls together everything there is to know about a given event. The idea is to make building the microsite as easy as using any other consumer-facing service, with no coding required. Once you enter your event time and location, the service then pulls in content from social networks including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. It also allows further customization, such as adding maps, details on nearby places – where to eat and drink, etc – links to ticket sales, sharing functionality, and more. The resulting sites work well on smartphones, tablets or laptops. Site creation is currently available online, and it will soon also be offered through the iPhone app.

Enhanced opportunities for customization and engagement

Today, information about an event can be found all over the Internet, on websites blogs and social media. co-founder Eilon Tirosh explains that the startup wanted to take advantage of the easily accessible profusion of data, together with the technology which the team had already developed for the creation of photo albums, in order to create a useful service for building event microsites. With their basic expertise, but realizing that their original target market was not living up to the hoped-for potential, the three co-founders, Ronny Elkayam, Eilon Tirosh and Boaz Adato, decided to pivot towards this new area. In fact microsites of this kind are really beginning to catch on as they work extremely well on smartphones, which is how they are increasingly used. While the basic microsite builder will remain free, the company plans to offer in future premium features for commercial events that will allow additional customization and levels of engagement. is also in talks with other players in the events industry, such as ticketing companies, with a view to integrating further services. 

By Manon Garnier