NetSquared announced the top winners of the 21 Featured Projects that demonstrate the highest potential for impacting social change.   Day two of the third annual NetSquared Conference (N2Y3) included the announcement of the best

three of the event’s 21 Featured Projects. This year marks only the second time NetSquared has accepted submissions from developers in the public and private sectors to release Mashups, or web application hybrids, created for the purpose of building awareness of social issues in global communities.   Ushahidi, a website that maps violence in post-election Kenya received top honor and will be awarded $25,000. Ushahidi maps violence on a Google map as reported by Kenyan citizens and verified by local Kenyan non-government organizations. The reports are considered real-time as they arrive via SMS, email, or the web.   The second cash prize of $15,000 will go to, a Firefox extension allowing Web users to be alerted of corporate abuses when visiting a company, brand, or product website.   The goal is to highlight corporate abuses that provoke consumers to use their purchase power for social change. While the KnowMore community recognizes unethical companies, principled companies are acknowledged as well.   Social Actions, a Mashup of over 29 social action platforms, will receive a cash prize of $10,000. The company aims to promote peer-to-peer social change by being an aggregator for active campaigns from the 29+ platforms and showcasing the data in one searchable location.   The nearly 350 attendees of N2Y3 voted for the winners of the $100,000 Technology Innovation Fund acquired by NetSquared, a TechSoup initiative.   The other $50,000 in prize money will be divided up and awarded to the remaining18 featured projects.   The idea behind N2Y3 and the Mashup challenge is to raise awareness of social concerns and to create new approaches that empower citizens and community-based groups to take action.   By Kathleen Clark   FEEDBACK For comments on this article, email us at