The third annual Office 2.0 conference will take place at San Francisco’s St. Regis Hotel from September 3-5. The conference, “a unique gathering of visionaries, thought leaders, and customers using innovative online services for getting things done at the office, at home, and on the go,” will focus this year on large-enterprise adoption of office 2.0 tools. "Office 2.0 Conference 2008 attendees will be treated to some amazing studies and insights from many, large end user organizations," said Ismael Ghalimi, producer of the Office 2.0 Conference. "Executives from Stanford University, Sony, Tesla, Xerox, and other organizations will be speaking at the conference, sharing their personal experiences of adopting Office 2.0 technologies in an enterprise environment."

Among the highlights are the Unconference, a pre-conference networking event held September 3rd, a keynote addressed by productivity guru David Allen, 45 demopods, and the Office 2.0 Launchpad, where small startups can meet with VCs and the public.

Perhaps most interesting to watch take place will be the Collaboratory Experiment, an interactive role-playing scenario whose goal “is to provide an environment in which you (and your team) can evaluate collaborative tools within a specific context and with the social interaction” to solve “an ecological mystery” (Florida red tides, in this case. Why not hurricanes, seeing as it’s season?).

The Collaboratory Experiment will take part September 3rd, during the Unconference.

Office 2.0 is an experiment in creating a “Cloud Conference,” known for its unique way of integrating gadgets. This year, conference data will be stored on HP 2133 Mini-Note PC subnotebooks, given away to all paying customers. The HP will be used “to support real-time interactions during the event. The device also enables the event's 100% paperless organization, making it as green as a conference can be.” In the past, iPods and iPhones have been given away, and are vital for communicating with other conference goers.

Furthering the "virtual 2.0" aspect of the conference will group Twitter feed on wall during conference sessions, seen by both audience and speakers. RSS and Twitter feeds, along with live internet coverage of the conference will be available at.

Learn more about the Office 2.0 conference by visiting the official website:

By Mark Alvarez