Buyou recreates the experience of shopping in a mall, only on an iPad. Its services offer brands an easy way to have a presence on the iPad as well as integration with social networks for viral marketing.

After online stores, digital shopping malls brought to your iPad


The immersive shopping experience is a constant goal for e-commerce. While the Internet and mobile devices have each boosted remote consumerism, store visits maintain a unique quality that encourages discovery and organic browsing. The Buyou appfor iPad hopes that some of that multibrand, seamless appeal can be captured in its tablet-optimized interface. Buyou wants to be simple, intuitive, and a multibrand one-stop shop - or mall. The interface itself remains consistent across the different brand shops - whether a customer navigates to Bebe, Pacsun or The Sharper Image, the layout for featured items, deals and categories is the same, and integrated retailer social media feeds.

A simple way for brands to get on the iPad

This consistency in interface is pointed towards the consumer, but the retailer side is also meant to provide an efficient experience as well. Brands gain presence on the iPad without a proprietary app, and can benefit from customer analytics and feedback as well as gained traffic from other stores. Customers can like or dislike items, which is used in-app for targeting but is also available through this channel. Companies can also feature items and deploy sales for marketing, something that other multibrand apps do not offer, such as the Saks 5th Ave app, according to TechCrunch. Customers can also be routed to shops via the home screen’s Find A Store, Deal Feed and Featured area.

Viral marketing possibilities

Buyou combines discovery and cross-selling - strengths associated with in-person shopping - with flash sales and convenience - what customers like about online shopping. Social integration brings with it the promise of viral marketing and new customers. Since its April public launch, the iPad mall app has gathered over 30 brands, but plans to scale that in the future. Tablet shopping is extremely successful - Buyou referenced a study on mobile usage that showed that nearly 90 percent of mobile shopping revenue comes from the iPad.

By Ivory King