New startup OpenSky brings curation and celebrity endorsement to online shopping to create a more engaging experience for users.

As customers are rapidly switching from offline to online shopping, deals and e-commerce websites also multiply, which can be overwhelming for shoppers who now have to browse among a sea of online stores to find items they like. As a response to data overload, OpenSky has built an online shopping platform that brings curation to the shopping experience to make more pleasant and more glamorous. OpenSky is an online shopping platform where experts and celebrities curate products and sales for users.

Experts and celebrities endorse OpenSky goods

Products featured on OpenSky – whether in the Health, Food, Style or Design section – are handpicked by OpenSky’s 60 curators. Curators are celebrities or experts, trendsetters, tastemakers ad influencers who carefully select items to be featured in their OpenSky“shop”. OpenSky then sources the items directly from the manufacturer. Dietarians, Top Chefs, Fashion icons, Event Designers, Actors and TV Hosts who curate for OpenSky select items for OpenSky members to buy, and explain why they like the item. Like in real offline stores, curators’ shops have collections, a limited number of available items, and regular sales with discounts that range from 20% to 60% off. They also recommend other OpenSky curators to follow, and highlight “favorite gifts”. According to TechCrunch, curators usually split profits with OpenSky.

Users follow celebrities and experts to get deals

Just like people do on Twitter, OpenSky members can create their personalized shopping experience by “following” the curators they share similar interests with or those they admire. On average, users follow 4 curators. Depending on who users follow and their interests, OpenSky also comes up with suggestions and recommendations on who to follow. Following curators lets users see their whole collections of handpicked items, and also gives them access to their private sales, special tips and other exclusive features, which makes the shopping experience more engaging overall. After only 6 months, OpenSky already has 500.000 members. 

By Alice Gillet
English editorial manager