Datran Media's Fourth Annual Marketing and Media Survey casts a light on how marketing executives, publishers and advertising and media agencies are coping and reacting to a dismal 2009. These groups are addressing their tough

est challenges in an increasingly difficult economy, and the survey shows optimism towards spending, a move towards online measurement tools, and emerging channels for reaching target audiences.

Over fifty percent of businesses experienced the recession in the form of lower revenues in 2009, but nearly three quarters believe that revenues will be up this year. Strongest performing advertising channels for companies in 2009 were e-mail and search.

This year, nearly 60 percent of companies plan to allocate over half of overall multi-channel advertising campaign to digital marketing. After 2010, over 75 percent expect that digital marketing budget to steadily increase as 2014 approaches. Companies' online marketing objectives most often include reaching a target audience (84.2 percent), as well as generating high quality leads (73.6 percent). Other key objectives: converting leads into sales, measuring and understanding their audience, retaining existing customers and digitally transacting with customers.

The most popular marketing tactic for 2010 is targeting, followed by analyzing audiences, loyalty campaigns and growing email lists.

Marketers are pinning hope on social media this year. More than sixty percent of responding companies will leverage online video and utilize Facebook and Twitter. More than half believe social media will generate quantifiable results, and over seventy percent currently leverage online audience analytics.

Respondents measure clicks, impressions and conversions the most, with conversions seen as the most important metric. The greatest challenges for online audience measurement are accuracy, as well as not being able to act on collected data. This is a major issue since over eighty percent believe that this accuracy is key to moving their brand forward.