PR Newswire gives marketers a few tips and best practices on how to increase brand visibility by following simple rules for photos attached to press releases.

Optimizing press release photos improves brands visibility


In their new post, PR Newswire explains that brands should pay more attention to the quality of photos they attach to press releases, blog posts or even just their website. Not only do optimized photos improve search engine optimization (SEO), but photos content also increases the number of views of press releases. By following a few tips, brands can thus improve online brand visibility in general.

Photos can improves search engine optimization in various ways

“Photos find their way into four of Google’s properties: universal search, news search, image search and even Google Maps”, says PR Newswire. In order to improve SEO – whether for press releases or for other channels – marketers can work on several photo elements: format, captions, the size of the image and its position on a webpage. Improving photos attached to press releases therefore increases chances their content showing up in search results.

According to PR Newswire, photos should:

  • Have a caption
  • Never be smaller than 60x60 pixels
  • Be in JPEG, PNG or GIF preferably
  • Be at the top of the page and as close to the headline as possible


The reason for this is that Google has robots that analyze photos, index and classify pictures. Working on captions, position in page and size helps Google bots find an image, and indirectly improve brand visibility online through search engines.

Multimedia press releases get more views

On the other hand, adding quality photos to a press release usually increases likeliness of users to click. According to analytics provided by PR Newswire in May 2011, marketers should integrate multimedia elements in their press releases: the number of views increases by 14% by adding a photo and by 20% with a video. By combining both, brands generate up to 48% more views than a text-only release. To an effective marketing strategy, brands should develop press releases including photo, video, audio and text. This approach allows brands to increase by 77% the number of views compared to text-only. Multimedia content turns out to be the primary driver of traffic because multimedia is more likely to be shared in an enthusiastic way on social networks. 

By Delphine Prediger