Ad network Pontiflex has been developing a new model of mobile ads, where users sign up for brand information within the app, creating more leads for brands, and value for developers.

While many forms of advertising focus on ways to engage the consumer, some types of ads can actually be a welcomed way to get more information about brands. Pontiflex, an ad network based in Brooklyn, NY, claims to be the pioneer of a new type of mobile ads – sing-up ads.Sign-up ads take the form of prompts for mobile application users to enter in their contact information if they want to hear from a brand. The idea is that instead of pushing ads to consumers, brads and local businesses can get users to proactively register to receive their ads – something that can be successful when the ads are properly targeted. Pontiflex uses geo-targeting to deliver optimized ads to users, and targets local businesses as well as larger brands.

Brands only pay for ads when they generate leads...

Companies sign up for Pontiflex’s AdLeads product, which runs both local and national ads, on iPhones, iPads and Android mobile apps. The AdLeads account holder creates, targets and deploys the ad, which runs on iOS and Android apps within a few minutes, only paying when getting new leads. According to Pontiflex, this significantly increases marketing ROI, and the platform integrates into other products for simple follow up. This integration can be with email services, for quick entry to corporate mailing lists, or with social networks and daily deal sites. Pontiflex’s social follow up tool automatically compiles recent and relevant social posts to help local businesses engage with their fans or followers.

...which provides superior revenue for app developers

While AdLeads helps brands easily create targeted ads, developers gain unique benefits with the AppLeads product. The CPMs can reach 5 to 10 times industry average due to the high value of leads gathered with sign up ads. Pontiflex privileges user privacy, which makes the ads completely user opt-in. Besides privacy, use experience is also maximized - developers can position the full-page ads where they will be less intrusive within usage patterns. Additionally, if users do choose to sign-up for brand information, they can do so from within the app, again limiting experience disruption. 

By Ivory King