Finnish startup Posterfy has launched into the interactive digital display market with a wireless cloud-driven system that can be modified in real time and has a battery life of a year.

Posterfy’s Low-Cost Wireless Display Revolutionises the Digital Signage Scene

Imagine being able to display your firm’s advertising or information posters on any surface anywhere and everywhere, in ‘lo-fi’ format. This is the concept behind Posterfy, the brainchild of Finnish tech specialists Kari Hjelt, Tomi Mattila and Jussi Kinnunen. The fledgling company has developed an interactive poster system which provides a fairly comprehensive solution to the requirements of advertisers today, based on a wirelessly connected advertising or information screen that can be installed on any type of surface. Posterfy drew inspiration for its screen from Kindle e-readers but the comparison ends there. The installation package consists of an electronic ink screen with a movement recognition system and wireless communication.

“The idea is to be really mobile – able to install in places where there may be no electricity,” underlined Posterfy CEO Kari Hjelt to L’Atelier during the Slush event which took place in Helsinki on 18-19 November. With this constraint in mind, the Finnish team have made sure that the display setup has a battery life of a year.  It can be installed virtually anywhere: on a product, in the corridors of a company’s premises, or on a bench. Sensors placed under the screen enable the interested consumer to browse through the information page-by-page. “What we’re offering organisations can be used for advertising or just for information purposes. We’re aiming at companies that want to promote a product, advertising agencies which are keen to use a new channel, and local authorities wishing to provide a public information service,” Hjelt explained.

On top of the advantages of a low power consumption system, the Finnish startup provides its customers with access to a cloud-based platform that enables them to update poster information using the simple ‘drag and drop’ method and is also programmed to measure the impact of their installations. Posterfy provides ‘footfall’ data – the number of people who have passed by at a given location, the number who actually stood in front of the poster or interacted with the display and for how long. “In fact we use the same method as Google analytics applied to the physical world of the poster,” Hjelt pointed out.

Kari Hjelt and his colleagues already boast a number of shopping malls in Finland, plus also Lindström, a Finnish textile service company, as their customers. Lindström has now installed Posterfy displays on its towel dispensers in washrooms. The firm, which has 100,000 towel dispensers in use throughout Finland and had been been looking for an advertising solution for its dispenser units for some time, found the Posterfy concept met its needs perfectly and has become an investor in the startup. Hjelt and his team are now planning to extend the solution to advertising and media agencies. Watch this space!

Posterfy SmartLid from Posterfy on Vimeo.

By Lila Meghraoua
Journaliste/Productrice radio