Social recruitment platform HireRabbit provides companies with a way to post jobs and receive applications directly in Facebook. Without the need for coding, brands can take advantage of the traffic and viral potential of the world’s biggest social network.

Recruitment on Facebook is only a step away from the branded Fan page

Facebook continues to be popular for enterprise uses despite the professional site LinkedIn offering various job openings and hunting options. According to February 2012 data from Mashable, Facebook has the second highest traffic of websites, and 85 percent of Internet users have an account on the social network. Since so many people visit and use Facebook, it is a critical space to have a fully developed brand presence, and a valuable source of talent recruitment. A lot of startups like HireRabbit are developing tools to help companies easily start to recruit on Facebook.

Developing an employer presence of the existing Facebook Fan page

Services like HireRabbit can be especially valuable for companies who already have a strong corporate presence on Facebook, through the Fan page. Indeed, the service is built in order to leverage the brand’s existing Fan page: it creates the job site into that branded page, and also automates the updates. Without knowing code, HireRabbit can be used to create and customize a job page with images or videos, create tabs for different sections, and tailor the hiring message. The service includes a job-site where Facebook users can search for openings and apply all inside of the social network. Users can of course like, tweet or share jobs.

An enterprise tool that customizes to different needs for brands of various sizes

HireRabbit’s scalable services has four pricing tiers, and agencies, startups or enterprises can pay as little as $9 per month for a plan, or adopt the Master plan with more complete support and integration. HireRabbit integrates with applicant tracking systems like Taleo or Kenexa to sync jobs postings to the recruiting page. These postings can be automatically sent to the brand’s Twitter account as well. And of course, no enterprise tool would be complete without reports and analytics for companies to follow the ROI of the social activities and referrals.