Brazilian startup Route is working on providing companies with an innovative way of viewing the customer journey, using a fun, gaming-type interface.

Route draws on gamification to provide marketers with customer data

A recent report from Forrester Research revealed that many companies feel they are ill-equipped to manage the shift to digital. Meanwhile, 86% of Marketing Managers polled in the United States say that creating a consistent customer journey is a priority nowadays. Taking this observation as its starting-point, fledgling Brazilian company Route has been working to develop a user-friendly online customer journey tracker, based on gamification techniques.

L'interface Route spécialiste de l'automation marketingRoute plans to offer functionality based on gaming techniques to enable firms to follow the journey as experienced by the user-customer

Route intends to add gamification to the marketer’s toolbox. Once the software has been perfected, the Brazilian startup is planning to offer company marketing staff a package consisting of gaming interface plus points system that will provide new insights into the journey and experience of any person who has just visited the company website. This will enable the marketing department to draw up user profiles for the purpose of creating precisely targeted advertising campaigns.

We set out to build a tool that anyone can use so as to make it easier to automate Marketing processes. Today, a firm that wants to use a traditional automation solution has to pay to install it and also pay for the consultancy that goes with it. Staff then have to be trained up to use the tools that have been installed. With our product a company doesn’t need to take on a software developer. All you have to do is run a special script on the website page,” explains Felipe Cardoso Barbosa, Digital Marketing Analyst at Route.


Gamifying in order to reconcile marketers to data seems to be an interesting complement to the acquisition of digital skills within marketing services.

By Pauline Canteneur