There's now an app that enables consumers to exchange tips on great deals and opportunities for price reductions. This should help to stop them taking their custom away from retail traders.

Shopzooky brings social shopping and retailers together


It's a growing trend. Consumers use their smartphones instore to make comparisons with products from other stores... and then end up buying their choice of product online ! A recent study from ClicIQ highlights this phenomenon, which seems to pose a real threat to high street retailers. However, the creators of Shopzooky now offer a social shopping platform designed to counter this trend by enabling direct contact with the consumer.

Reaching the customer upstream

In addition to the basic functionality of social shopping applications, Shopzooky enables small traders to make their pitch before the customer has made his/her decision. So for example, these businesses can post more attractive promotions than those which their customers can find elsewhere with their competitors, and they can 'talk' directly to a user who is looking for a particular article and offer a price-reduction. The user can also create a 'wishlist' which is visible to everyone. Based on the list, other users and retailers alike are invited to offer products at best prices.

Direct sales and second-hand sales

Shopzooky has other interesting functionality; it can serve as a platform for online sales. Both e-businesses and traders who are prepared to deliver their goods can actually sell their products and special offers, which users have spotted on their websites or in their stores, directly via the platform. And, of course, the site will apply the reductions the businesses are offering. And finally, customers can themselves also use the platform to sell second-hand goods.