Brands can win back customers through retargeted ads that appear on other sites with tracking services. Remarketing now enables Google Analytics and AdWords clients to do this within their ad network.

Simplified Remarketing Targets Customers and Similar Web Users

A brand homepage visit is not the end to the marketing process - site and shopping cart abandonment are common enough obstacles to a successful sale. Because of this, winning back interested customers is a valuable benefit of remarketing - these site visitors have already seen a brand’s products and possibly even put items into their shopping cart. So making this workflow easier or integrating it with existing services would make an e-commerce vendor’s life substantially easier. Google announced that it will do just this within its popular Analytics product, potentially giving access to remarketing tools that previously have been only available through a workaround or other marketing services.

Making more efficient ad campaigns

As an expansion of the current Google Analytics feature set, Remarketing enables clients to determine their target audience (or audiences), and send customizable lists according to particular metrics (pages viewed, visit duration, and goal completion) to Google AdWords. The service then runs targeted ads on the Google Display Network. A customer who visited a participating vendor’s site and browsed a specific product’s page, for example, would afterwards see the particular or a similar product while browsing other sites that support the ad network’s service. With Remarketing, brands could potentially run more but smaller display campaigns to focus on specific customer segments, while making more of an impact because the brand or item is already familiar to the customer.

Websites can market to site visitors as well as those similar to them

This service will be rolling out to Analytics/AdWords account holders through the end of the summer, so the impact of third-party remarketing services remains to be seen. The toolset will be simple, according to Google, and will offer options that were not available previously. Google Analytics users were able to remarket by using additional code, a step that is no longer necessary, and now they also have the option of marketing to similar web users. Using gathered data as criteria, brands will be able to target people who have not visited their site but have certain traits in common, such as location. Customers can opt-out of this type of marketing.

By Ivory King