Ticketmaster can now show customers where their Facebook friends are sitting, thanks to integration with the social network platform. Event goers can tag themselves on the map and share their seats on their news feed, possibly encouraging more friends to buy tickets nearby.

International ticketing company Ticketmaster introduced integration on Facebook today. With additional social networking functionality on its interactive seat purchasing page, the Live Nation Entertainment-owned service gives Facebook members the option to tag where they are sitting, share on their news feed, and sit near their friends.

While music, sporting and other events are traditionally activities that groups of friends attend together, there has still been a niche to fill in social networking. Ticketmaster CEO Hathan Hubbard comments that whenever a ticket buyer shared an event on Facebook, it generated revenue - around five bucks each. Until today, that sharing was limited to a post in the Facebook news feed, but now customers can see where their friends are sitting in a venue, if they have opted to share that information.

After using the interactive seat map to choose a ticket tier, specific seat and purchase it, the customer can tag herself on the map, as well as her friends. "F" flags are visible on the map where other friends are seated that have previously purchased tickets for the event. The original customer then shares the event as well as their seats on their main news feed. 

That final post is default set to be seen by everyone, not just the customer's Facebook friends, according to FastCompany coverage. Hubbard's logic is that people who attend the same event have something in common, and could connect even before the show. The "Check out my seats" post could do more than get friends closer, Hubbard seems to believe.

Earlier this month Facebook games director Sean Ryan commented on their games platform being most mature. Ryan sees more growth ahead in music and other media support, especially in "the social side of e-commerce," as SFGate explains.

By Ivory King