Television viewers are increasingly multi-tasking in front of their TV sets, so now subscription TV operator Sky Brazil has launched a Twitter-based initiative to try to keep its Internet-connected audience tuned in to its programme schedule website.

SKYREC Transforms Hashtag into a Recording Button

In order to reach TV audiences, who are spending less and less time in front of their TV sets and a growing amount of time logged on to online sites and platforms, subscription TV operator Sky has launched in Brazil #SKYREC, a service which enables its customers to record programmes on their decoders through the Twitter network. The concept was developed by AgênciaClick Isobar, a Brazilian digital interactive agency, when Sky became aware that its customers were using Twitter as their main source for information on TV shows rather than going to its own programme schedule website.

Record your favourite TV show remotely with a retweet

The system is simple. First of all, the customer registers on the Sky site, inserting his/her Twitter username. This name is then linked to the customer’s subscriber number. Every day, Sky TV tweets highlights of its programmes via the username @skybrasil.  If the customer, having seen the tweets, wishes to record one of the shows, s/he simply retweets @skybrasil, including the hashtag #SKYREC. Sky then connects to the customer’s decoder at home and records the TV show.

Enhancing the customer experience and promoting programmes

At the moment the system is only available for SKY HD subscribers, but it should also serve as an awareness-raising pilot test. The #SKYREC service gives Sky an opportunity not only to provide a highly convenient service to customers but at the same time to promote its range of programmes to a wider online audience. And, underlines Fred Saldanha, Vice President of Creative at AgênciaClick Isobar, by encouraging people to re-tweet the details of their favourite broadcast so that Sky can make the recording, Sky is helping to give “new significance to the Twitter brand by facilitating action in the customer’s life”.

By Pauline Trassard