The majority of smartphone users now regularly use them to compare prices and gather product information while shopping.

Smartphones Increasingly Integral to the Shopping Process


The user-friendliness of smartphones means they are becoming part of users’ everyday lives - especially when it comes to shopping, underlines Perception Research Services. PRS, a global leader in packaging and shopper research, has carried out a study into smartphone usage in the United States. Some 36% of all those surveyed owned a smartphone and among these, eight out of ten say they use them while shopping. Shoppers use their phones particularly for comparing prices, gathering information on a product they want and searching for special price offers or coupons. Nowadays the smartphone has clearly become a source of information on products and the competition, but about a third of those surveyed also make actual purchases with their phones.  

Groceries as well as big-ticket items 

The survey results do show smartphone owners using their phone to a different degree for a direct purchase or for making a purchase decision depending on the item. More than half the people who use a smartphone for shopping do so when purchasing electronic goods or fashion items, with over a third reporting that they use them to buy high-tech equipment and baby care products, but nearly half also saythey use it for everyday products such as groceries, personal items, cosmetics, over-the-counter medicines and cleaning products.

Typical user profile

A typical user profile is starting to emerge for those sectors where purchasing decisions are increasingly being made using the smartphone, which could help to guide communication and marketing campaigns designed for the phone. Smartphone owners that use their phones to shop tend to be under 35 years old, are employed, whetherfull-time or half-time. They are typically university-educated, earn a minimum offifty thousand dollars annually.