Viral video musician Jonathan Mann releases his latest project - the Songatron App. Giving his listeners a way to insert themselves into his songs, he creates a unique and funny way to experience more of his music and unique sense of humor.

A new application became available on the iTunes Store this past Thanksgiving Day - “Songatron” from musician and Internet video favorite Jonathan Mann. The Songatron project was launched nearly two years ago as a daily song-and-video post on YouTube, and the app aims to utilize Mann’s sporadic virality and musical prolificacy.

Best known for singing about newsworthy subjects such as the iPhone 4’s Antennagate, Paul Krugman’s prowess for economics or much-hyped video game releases, Mann hopes to capitalize on his Internet following and flexible relationship with creativity. “I had an idea for an app. What if you could insert yourself into my songs? That would be pretty cool,” sings Mann in his introductory video. After being contacted by Cramzy founder Iliya Yordanov, he had a chance to see his idea materialize. The Bulgarian app-developer has released several other apps for iOS (as well as one for Android), including “23,000 Great Quotes,” “18,000 Cool Jokes,” and others.

The Songatron app records a sample word or phrase from the user, and inserts it into one of many pre-recorded mini-ditties of Mann’s own composing. Many have compared the Songatron to musical Mad Libs, as the choice of word can alter a song to make it romantic, funny or just plain weird. The customized song can be shared by e-mail and social networks, so folks can send anyone their own love song featuring a name, object or sound effect. As Appolicious describes, “It won’t get you organized, solve any world problems, or make your life more complete, but Songatron will make you laugh.”

With ten songs included and a $1.99 pricetag, Mann has given his fans quite a deal. Songatron also plans to release more songs with app updates, along with expander packs as in-app purchases.

With a successful fusing of social media and non-self conscious creativity, Songatron has placed itself in a strategic position. Many free and paid apps alike are choosing expandability

By Ivory King