Top sports events like the Super Bowl or World Series triggers huge increases in related social media content. Brands have increased their mentions by positioning themselves to benefit from these traffic surges.

Sports events, major opportunities for brands to increase social engagement

According to AllFaceBook, Super Bowl XLVI was the most-posted about event on Facebook until Election Day, with San Francisco Giants’ World Series win closely behind that. With social media mentions in the millions, brands can bring a presence to the sports and social media environment to gain visibility and audience engagement. Due to their affiliation with the Olympics, Chobany increased its brand mention 338 percent, Kellog’s increased 200 percent, and VISA increased 178 percent.

Major sports events generate content in the millions on Twitter and Facebook

In addition to the Super Bowl and World Series, other major sports events are huge traffic draws. Super Bowl XLVI was the subject of 5.67 million tweets and 215,000 Facebook Likes. The UEFA Champions League Finals were mentioned in 4.8 million tweets and were Liked on Facebook 2.5 million times. The MLB All Star Game triggered 808,000 social media comments, the NHL Playoffs were tweeted about 3.3 million times, Euro 2012 got nearly 12 million tweets, and the NBA Finals got 19.13 million Twitter and Facebook mentions. These substantial numbers are beneficial to the organizations themselves as well as sponsoring partners.

Which brands can leverage to increase visibility and engagement

Sports associations, such as the NBA, are paying attention to the traffic potential in this area. They held a global tweeting competition and sold jerseys featuring players’ Twitter usernames, as well as launched official Pinterest and Tumblr brand pages. Taking a page from the NBA, who claim over 350 Twitter accounts and more than 260 million combined Facebook likes and Twitter follows, brands can increase mentions by positioning themselves alongside positively perceived information. Team or athlete performance, different sports and key game moments all interplay with fans and social media users to trigger traffic spikes and viral commentary - all of which can be leveraged by brands to increase their own presence.

By Ivory King