This US-based startup’s approach is similar to that of other social networks: it offers companies their own social network page on its platform to engage with investors, who can in turn obtain rapid information on companies, their business and their stock performance.

Stockr is Betting Social Networking Will Enhance the Appeal of Company Equity

Stockr’s mission is to provide a way for companies to attract potential investors, in the same way as commercial brands try to do with consumers. Set up by former financial analyst Vinny Jindal, the startup company offers a platform for Investor Relations Officers to boost their company stock and engage with finance professionals. It also provides a forum for investors to exchange views and information on stock market trends, with sharing and communication functionality similar to Facebook. Listed companies can profile themselves on the site via dedicated pages which users can follow. This enables major corporations to highlight their business and post real-time information on their share price and market trends, linking in graphs if they wish. Meanwhile investors will be able to set up their own watch lists, use RSS feeds to aggregate new stories on companies they are interested in and pull information from their Investor Relations pages. This combined view not only makes tracking easier, but it provides a starting point for communication with other users, claims Stockr.

Primarily a social network with investor-appeal

Long term, the founders of Stockr also hope to enable companies to run targeted – even geolocalised – advertising campaigns for their stocks, as they can already do on Facebook for their products. As far as investors are concerned, the principle is the same as with any social network. The potential investor creates a profile for himself on the platform in the same way as he would on Facebook. To ensure basic credibility, users must use their real names rather than pseudonyms. Jindal hopes this will limit the amount of spam and foster a professional environment. Once registered, the potential investor can establish a community of friends just as on all social networks, send messages and take part in conversations.

... offering benefits to both investors and quoted companies

The potential investor can also share his or her expertise and views on investments which s/he thinks might be worth a close look, via posts and by ‘sharing’ articles.  These articles are then grouped by category on the platform and can be accessed by all site users through the search function, who can then indicate they ‘like’ the piece and/or share it further. Another possible way that Stockr platform users can share information with their community is to link their Stockr account to their brokerage accounts on other sites so that friends can see what investments they have just made and which stocks they have decided to sell, even adding precise details of the gains or losses these equities have made.