Twitter users are the most influential online consumers, according to a study by ExactTarget and CoTweet. A study by twin solution providers equals a massive grain of salt taken, but the findings still warrant conversation.

Twitter users are 72 percent more likely than non-users to publish blog posts at least once a month, and 61 percent more likely to post product reviews at least once a month, according to the study. Daily Twitter users are 6 times more likely to publish articles, five times more likely to blog, seven more times likely to contribute to Wikis and three times more likely to post a monthly product review than non-Twitter users.

“Consumers active on Twitter are clearly the most influential online,” said Morgan Stewart, principal, ExactTarget’s research and education group.

“What happens on Twitter doesn’t stay on Twitter,” Morgan said. “While the number of active Twitter users is less than Facebook or email, the concentration of highly engaged and influential content creators is unrivaled—it’s become the gathering place for content creators whose influence spills over into every other corner of the internet.”

The study is sort of the Cartesian circle – Twitter users are more likely to be content producers, who are more likely to be Twitter users, ad infinitum. We still need to figure out how large a circle of influence the influencers have outside of their own circles.

While Twitter users might be more influential as individuals, the influence of Facebook as a megalithic whole is certainly greater, especially as it has become a more brand friendly place during its evolution, something that it wasn’t but Twitter was from its inception. That might be a little old-school in thinking, but Facebook has convinced the mainstream user – and consumer – of its relevance, something that Twitter is still trying to do.

So while Twitter might have the influencers, it’s still probably better to bet on the half billion users.

By Mark Alvarez