The tablet computer is increasingly becoming the key channel for marketing people to engage with customers. Tablet owners now make great use of their device to check out products and make online purchases.

Tablets Help to Engage US Consumers

The number of tablet users in the United States has in 2012 officially risen to 29.5 million, according to a survey carried out jointly by InMobi, the largest independent mobile advertising network, and Mobtext, the mobile marketing arm of Havas Digital. This represents around 11% of the US population, which is a real opportunity as far as Phuc Truong, CEO of Mobtext US, is concerned. He points out that "these results confirm our position on the importance of integrating tablets into multi-channel campaigns from the start." It’s also a good reason why the US economy may be bouncing back, as tablets appear
to be real triggers for consumption.

Convenient to use, revives ‘dead time’

Not only do over 60% of tablet owners spend at least 30 minutes a day consulting media content on their device, fully 52% now use a tablet to fill what would previously have been "dead time". The tablet is perfectly suited to the dynamic lifestyle of Americans and little by little they are now giving up their laptops and PCs. The survey shows that 29% of tablet owners reported they had cut down on surfing the Internet via their PC and/or laptop and switched this activity to their tablet. The reason, according to slightly less than half of the tablets users surveyed – 48% to be precise – is that the appealing design and convenience of the device make it easier to access media content than via laptop or PC. And the survey points
out that this trend definitely favours online retailers over bricks-and-mortar stores.

The complete purchasing cycle

One of the findings of the survey is that 29% of tablet users say they have cut down on reading books in print and switched to reading the digital version. An increasing number of people (22%) also report that they have been shopping less in physical stores since buying a tablet. Some 55% of tablet owners are making purchases from their devices at least once
a month, with tablet use peaking at home in the evening between 6 p.m. and midnight for most owners. In fact the survey points out that major purchases, which require greater consideration, are being made at home right through from the browsing to buying stage. In these cases, 55% of respondents report they first find out all about the product on their tablets,
53% actively evaluate the product, and 58% say they follow through with purchasing the goods – going through the whole purchasing cycle from receipt of invoice to delivery, plusany returned goods, etc – on their tablets.