The panel discussion of Company Profiles with Session experts Mark Cuban, Henry Blodget, Roelof Botha, Kevin Rose on Tuesday began with Session 5: Collaboration and Session 6: Finance & Statistics. Session 5: Collaboration Comp

any highlight:

Popego : A more meaningful web
A lifestreaming application centered around interests, extracting information semantically from various online profiles and contacts. Does this make the web more meaningful? Maybe their tagline should be, "Popego: A more interesting web." The feed collector is slow, so this writer was unable to experience the actual "product capable of exploring this new dimension" of personalized content based on interest. One unique aspect of the interface is an interest "mixer," a device that enables adjustment of the importance of the interests that are already in the "interest cloud." This affects the importance that each tag would have on the recommendations that are fed, adjusting their volume with an independent slider on the interest mixer.

Session 6: Finance & Statistics Company highlights:

PersonalRIA (going live soon) connects the user with a Registered Investment Advisor, whose porfolio is monitored on the site. The user, a retail investor, can link his own funds to that of the RIA. PersonalRIA’s technology creates a dynamic relationship between the two accounts so that when the RIA, an investment professional, manages her own portfolio, it triggers proportional change in the account of the user. An RIA certification process in combination with automated and non-automated processes are utilized to minimize possibility of fraud.

EmergInvest compiles data from many sources regarding foreign markets. Emerging economies are the strongest aspect of the global market, and many financial advisors are pointing investors towards other countries, where most of the growth is taking place. But financial advice is expensive, and searching for all the information individually is an intimidating task. Finance sites and market indexes provide information, but only if the investor already has a specific country or company in mind. EmergInvest offers wide-to-narrow search interface, enabling a user to research by continent, country, or company, and also to compare multiple countries or other criteria.