Ukritic will pay a commission to a person who recommends a product whenever a customer then purchases that product on the basis of the recommendation. The system is based on e-merchants’ affiliate marketing services.

Trusted Opinions Can Pay Off

The Ukritic approach is that to encourage a consumer to help others in their purchase decisions by giving advice on product quality, you ought to offer some remuneration. The Ukritic platform enables site visitors to find information on a product or service, read other consumers’ opinions – which are themselves ‘graded’ for quality – plus advice on purchases. What is special about the site is that if the advice results in a consumer going all the way through to purchasing the product, the reviewer who provided the advice earns a cut of the purchase price. All this is completely free of charge for both parties since Ukritic uses the affiliate services of e-merchants.

Cost-free income

How it works is that a person who wants to share knowledge of a given product first needs to open a Ukritic account and can then create a page where s/he presents, comments on and gives his/her opinion on the product. If it’s a positive opinion, the reviewer registers with the affiliate network of an e-merchant such as Amazon or the Google Affiliate Network, and adds a dedicated link from the online sales site to the page created on Ukritic. This link enables a person who decides to take the reviewer’s advice to purchase the product directly. Then the reviewer will receive a share of the price of the product. This will vary according to the conditions of the chosen affiliate network. Meanwhile Ukritic allows its members to pocket 100% of the revenue generated from the member programmes and finances itself through advertising, whose value to Ukritic will of course increase as the site attracts greater numbers of visitors.

Risk of blue-sky reviews?

At this point the question of false-positive reviews arises. Shouldn’t consumers be wary that reviewers might always find something good to say about a bad product in order to earn money? Ukritic counters this query with three arguments. Firstly, everyone reading a review has the opportunity to assess and grade a recommendation made by a site member. Secondly, giving objective opinions will help to gain readers’ confidence, so they will tend to make purchases recommended by a trusted party. Finally, a person who thinks a product is of poor quality has the chance give an honest view and then recommend another, higher quality alternative.