Sports brand Adidas has come up with a set of innovative tools designed to transform trying on items at the store into a fun, interactive experience.

BodyKinectizer is a low-cost, easy-to-use body scanner, and CyberFit is an interactive fitting room. These two inventions developed by Adidas, which incorporate digital technology into the in-store shopping experience, caught the eye of the Innovation Award Jury at last year’s CeBIT, the world's largest and most international computer trade fair. Adidas carried off the bronze medal for its ‘Next Generation Fashion Store’ concept. The basic idea is to use digital technology inside bricks-and-mortar stores to create a novel, intuitive and interactive shopping experience.

Digital avatar helps to refine recommendations

The Adidas system enables the customer to try on clothing in virtual mode, without having to physically put on and take off several items.  It is both highly efficient, designed to promote customer satisfaction, and fun. The low-cost body scanner uses Kinect technology, Microsoft’s movement recognition system that was originally developed for video games. Several cameras run simultaneously, modelling the customer’s entire body to ensure that the recommended garment is a perfect fit. The customer can then see his/her avatar on a screen wearing different items of apparel. The Adidas Innovation team has in fact created two versions of this virtual mirror – the professional version for use at bricks-and-mortar retail outlets, which also links to the customer’s smartphone to enable sharing with friends and family on the networks, and a second, simpler version for use in the home by those who prefer to make online purchases.

Trying on garments against a real-life backdrop

$Adidas has set out to bring disruptive change to shopping habits by deeply incorporating digital technology not only into online retail but also into the in-store experience. The Adidas connected interactive changing room, CyberFIT, is designed to make the process of trying on garments even more efficient and personal. CyberFIT supplies details and makes recommendations regarding items taken into the changing room and its touchscreen also enables the customer to link up with the social networks. Moreover, the walls of the booth are embedded with digital panels that create a realistic environment suited to the garments being viewed – a mountain setting for a hiking jacket for instance – to ensure a lifelike feel to the trying-on process.

By Lucie Frontière