Shopilly is a site that lets members collect favorite brands and share with their social networks. They also provide a dedicated email address for shoppers to use only for brand emails, reducing clutter and creating a centralized, dashboard-based organizer.

Turning marketing emails into a visual shopping experience


Sending a branded email to customers is one thing, but getting them to actually open and read it is another thing. Managing one’s mailbox takes times and marketing emails often end up with spams or remain unopened. Visual shopping platform Shopilly addresses this problem and helps members organize their “shopping stuff” into a dashboard. Some aspects of the Shopilly site will look familiar to social shoppers - members can find and follow brands, like items and share them with their network. But more interestingly, Shopilly creates – with the approval of its users, a dedicated shopping email address that can be used for registrations, signups and purchases, and has various tools that can track, remind or manage different aspects of the browsing and purchasing process.

An email address and inbox for shopping

The service grabs branded or marketing emails users receive, as well as ones related to orders, and puts them all into a visual inbox. After signing up, the user is prompted to connect an email account - the one that they have all their shopping stuff sent to. They also can connect their Facebook and Twitter for sharing features. At this time, Shopilly only supports a few email clients - Yahoo, Gmail or Hotmail/Outlook. Once email accounts are added, and after employing the @shopilly email address, members can view a personalized, streamlined inbox with emails from the brands they pick. A digest can also be sent daily or weekly to keep members updated on messages sent to their various addresses.

Turns branded emails into a visual shopping experience

To some extent, Shopilly hence gives a “second chance” to branded emails that could have ended in users’ spams or remained unopened. The email address is convenient for shoppers who wouldn’t want to use their personal email address online too often. On the rest of the site, users get a prepopulated interface and then choose from a list of larger brands, tastemaker marketplaces, flash sale sites, or daily deal sites. Once the brand page is customized, snapshots of the company web page show up as a grid in the Window Shop, allowing for easy browsing and sale scanning. Available entries go beyond apparel, as they support lifestyle, home and other brands such as,, or RadioShack.