Although US citizens are increasingly shifting towards watching television programmes on modern connected devices, it appears that the majority are still loyal to the old-fashioned TV set

TV Set Not Yet Bowing to Mobile Devices in US

 In the United States, cable is still the most popular way to receive programmed television content, followed by computers, tablets and then smartphones. These are among the findings of a report on television and advertising from Kentucky-based independent advertising sales representation and online marketing specialist Viamedia, following a survey carried out in June among 2,029 US adults by Harris Interactive. However, the survey reveals that Americans are most likely to react concretely to advertising when they see it on their computers, followed in order of likelihood by their TV set, smartphone, and then their tablet or Smart TV.

The ‘box’ versus mobile devices

Fully 97% of those US adults who responded to the Viamedia-Harris enquiry say they watch traditional scheduled television programmes, and 72% of them stated that they receive this programmed content via cable, while 33% use another device – tablet, smartphone or computer. In fact over half (57%) of the TV viewers aged 18 - 34 said they watched televised programmes on a device other than a TV set. Northeastern states show a stronger preference for cable television than the other regions (81% compared to an average of less than 75%). Overall, Viamedia's 2013 Television & Advertising Survey shows that “cable is the preferred way to watch television, with watching on devices beating traditional (over-the-air broadcast reception) TV,” pointed out Viamedia CEO Jeff Carter.

Acting on TV commercials

“Our study has proven that a majority of Americans will act on commercials they watch, especially on connected devices,” Jeff Carter underlined. A majority of the TV-watching Americans polled (59%) admit there is some likelihood that they may act on a commercial they watch, with the highest percentage saying they are most likely to do so when watching on a computer (29%), followed by a television set (24%), smartphone (21%), tablet (21%), and Smart TV (4%). Television watchers in the Western region are more likely than those elsewhere to say they would probably act on commercials seen on a computer (38%) followed by the Midwest (31%), the South (27%), and the Northeast (26%). Meanwhile some good news for advertising providers is that of the 64% of Americans who watch on-demand TV programmes, 69% are perfectly happy for commercials to be aired during the on-demand programme.



By Pauline Trassard