UberMedia has launched UberAds, a platform which makes use of geolocation data and social network profiles to optimize targeted advertising on mobile devices.

UberAds targets ads to mobile users by drawing on social network data

Ad targeting, especially using social media, is becoming increasingly refined. From Google to Facebook, there are now many different forms of contextual advertising. However, industry-respected analysis indicates that the dollar spend on advertising for mobile is still disproportionately low in relation to the time people actually spend on their mobile devices. Nevertheless, the screen on a mobile device is a key factor in decision-making, as the user’s attention span is known to be fairly limited. Advertising for mobile therefore needs to be highly relevant in terms of both content and the context in which the ad appears. Now California-based UberMedia has developed a platform which geolocates and homes in on mobile users in the United States, based in particular on their social network profiles, in order to send them highly contextualised ads.

Combining user geolocation and profiling

UberAds aims to target mobile users very closely by making use of both user geolocation and users’ activities and profiles as gleaned from social networks. In beta testing UberAds achieved click-through-rates (CTRs) roughly 4.7 to 6.5 times greater than the standard mobile display. In order to reach these CTR levels, the platform draws on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Yelp. It then combines this social data with the time and location data available on the person’s smartphone. Moreover, UberAds adapts the format of its mobile advertising to the type of device used, especially screen size, suits the actual content to the place where the user is currently located, and can even target a very precise time of day. For example, a user checks in on Foursquare in a café, which is not far from a cinema, and his/her Facebook profile indicates that s/he’s a fan of Leonardo Di Caprio. UberAds will make sure s/he is sent an ad together with a video suggesting that s/he go to see The Great Gatsby at the cinema two streets away.

Boosting conversion rates

UberAds advertising will appear at a very precise moment in time to inform a mobile user of an offer nearby that could be of interest. This kind of advertising is intended to give its target audience the impression that this is a response to a question s/he was asking – i.e. that it provides a solution to a problem, or at the very least is a highly relevant suggestion. The platform has already signed partnerships with more than ten advertising publishers and is currently able to reach some 55 million Americans. UberMedia also provides advertisers with almost instantaneous feedback on the how their ad was received and acted on, whereas competing platforms currently typically only deliver analytics with a multi-hour delay.