Users are more likely to “like” wall posts, pictures, comments, videos and non-branded pages on Facebook; branded pages actually come in last place.


Because their customers are active Facebook users doesn’t mean brands should actually consider Facebook as a good way to engage with consumers. A survey conducted by Crowd Science actually reveals that branded Facebook pages are far from being what users like best. The study says that only 9% of Facebook users have “Liked” a brand’s Facebook page.  The Crowd Science study helps understand what Facebook items users “Like”, and why. 

What Facebook users “like”

First of all, only one out of ten Facebook users has already “liked” wall posts, pictures, comments or/and videos. Among those who have, though, 16% have “liked” wall posts, pictures and comments. These are the first category in the “likes” list, followed by videos (12% of “Likes”), non-branded pages (10%). Only 9% of Facebook users who “Like” have “Liked” a Facebook branded page. "These findings show that while users have been willing to “like” Facebook items to some extent, they're far from loving the idea," says Sandra Marshall, VP of Research at Crowd Science.

Why Facebook users “like”

Over 25% of users “like” Facebook items because they want to show their support and/or the fact that they enjoy what was said or shown. According to the Crowd Science study, users “Like” branded items for several reasons: 14% of users just like the brand, 10% want to be kept informed about the brand, 7% want to inform their friends about the brand and 6% want to get discounts on the brand’s offerings. These results may be skewed for the brands because branded pages are “liked” by young people and those who spend time on Internet.

Up to now, it has been difficult for brands to understand what a Facebook “Like” meant in terms of the user’s relationship to the brand. Thanks to the recent Facebook/eBay partnership, users will be able to express their relationship to brands with two new buttons “own” and “want”. 


By Delphine Prediger