This service puts a new spin on daily deal sites by only featuring companies that are animal-ethical and cruelty-free.

Vegan Groupon Site Launches Today -

Group purchase sites can welcome a new member today - has launched as a niche time-based discount offer company. As its name suggests, VeganCuts will offer weekly deals for products or services that eschew animal products or testing. For example, its inaugural offer is forty percent off of a travel kit from vegan skin care company Moxie Organix. This deal and those to follow will be available for members in the US, with some deals applicable to Canada and other countries.

Regular users of mainstream group buy email lists from Groupon, LivingSocial or other members of this growing category may be used to a different deal every day, but will only hear from VeganCuts once a week. This lower inbox bloat may be a welcome change for some, or translate to less relevancy for others - less deals mean less chance of one that will pique consumers interest. Groupon can pull from a wider selection of restaurants, shops and other businesses and may owe its success to such variety.

But the Ontario-based organization is more selective by definition of its mission statement, and its two-person team may be nimble enough to succeed despite catering to a minority. The founders of this project, Jill and John of have been writing on the global vegan scene for nearly a year.

Many deal event sites and mailing lists that appeal to niche categories concern themselves with clothes, shoes or travel deals. Creating a specific theme to the service increases relevancy for consumers and profitability for the company and its participating vendors. Pop Sugar and Bloomspot optimize their newsletters for women, and Gilt specializes in luxury brands. There are deals for home DIY enthusiasts, parents of small children, and others, but VeganCuts is unique in its focus on animal friendly companies.

By Ivory King