The Video 2.0 & Online Communities session gave us a peak into the direction online video is going and three Web sites that are helping take it there., Playcafe and Ustream discussed the integration of on-demand an

d live video in the Web 2.0 world and the place advertisers have, as the Internet is quickly becoming a destination for traditional TV viewers.   Seesmic is a videoblog Web site that enables users to create video conversations with friends on a social network. It creates a more personal connection that text-only comments (like those on Facebook and Myspace) do not offer.   With one topic, a user’s video blog can elicit numerous responses within minutes, and we were lucky enough to witness this first-hand, as Seemic’s founder Loic Le Meur uploaded a greeting to his friends directly from his seat in the conference. In minutes, over 20 video responses from around the world were made, showing the popularity of on-demand video in social networking even in its infancy.   Ustream enables live video streaming where users can gather in one place and experience shows, conversations, and various interactions in real time. Not only does it bring together groups of people from around the world, but in doing so it also provides a viable means of advertising.   With television content rapidly making its way online, the Internet audience is primed for advertising being lost to on-demand television and Tivo. Pre-roll ads on such live streams can generate a lot of revenue for companies like Ustream.   Playcafe combines both live streaming and on-demand for an online game show that can be played live at designated times or on-demand like traditional Internet trivia. It creates an interactive social experience to game shows that TV leaves out, and could signal a new way of broadcasting such shows both online and on TV.   With on-demand and live video emerging in Web 2.0, look out for these three Web sites and others like them to help develop the Internet into a prime destination for videos.   By Danny Scuderi   FEEDBACK For comments on this article, email us at