Advertising network VideoEgg will announce its acquisition of social media services startup Six Apart. The new group will be called Say Media, with a new site launching tomorrow.

The new company will be keeping some of the products from both companies, according to TechCrunch coverage, including the Typepad and Moveable Type platforms. However, Six Apart will discontinue Vox, a security-heavy social network that was launched in 2006. Vox users are being encouraged to export their blogs to TypePad before the service is closed on September 30.

Originally, VideoEgg provided hosting for video services, and in 2008 ended support for content and focused on its video and rich media ad network. Their products include display ads, mobile and custom network packages, as well as a suite of analytic services. The Ad Frames platform previews video content in display ads that encourage Web site visitors to mouse over or interact with the ad to view the rest of the clip.

Six Apart tools also include - a curated blog network, TypePad AntiSpam - a spam-fighting engine that is now in beta, and TypeKey - a free and open identification verification system.

The combination of ad network and blog software will give Say Media the resources to work with "content creators to foster the growth of independent media properties it can package to advertisers," according to AdWeek. Say Media president Troy Young expects that with their advertising technology and content access, the new company can rival AOL or Yahoo - AdWeek quotes the company to reach 345 million people worldwide.

Though this merger will possibly alienate some of the more casual users of Six Apart's products, the company is focusing on upcoming media personalities. As Verne G. Kopytoff quotes Six Apart EVP Andrew Anker in the New York Times' Bits Blog, his company has been shifting its business focus for at least two years. Bloggers want a better way to support their livelihood, not better technology, he continues.

By Ivory King