PulteGroup has launched an app that will enable a home-buyer to model, in real time, changes that s/he would like to make to the house s/he is thinking of buying, and also calculate the associated costs. A fascinating way to improve customer experience.

Salespeople who want to attract and keep customers should nowadays focus on services rather than just on promotions and product range. This as true for the real estate sector as for any other. The American PulteGroup has just launched an iPad application which enables - during a home site visit or a meeting with potential buyers - real-time capture of alterations that buyers would like to make, plus the costs these alterations would involve. The system also lets you add or modify rooms, starting from the original house plan.

Visualising potential alterations directly

It’s also possible to see what a room would look like if it were re-configured into a child’s play space, an office, a media room or a library. However, the application can also work on rather less dramatic elements, such as the direction a door opens, or the colour of the walls. In addition to the visual aspect, the app then calculates the impact of these changes on the household bottom line and on projected monthly payments. Once the simulation has been made, the document can be forwarded by email. Users can then share it on social networks and obtain feedback from family and friends.

Targeting Generation Y

The application also allows you to visualise various points of interest in the neighbourhood. PulteGroup has already tested a prototype this year in Dallas, Texas among Generation Y buyers, a group which is not only generally tech-savvy but one that represents some 71 million people in the United States. So these consumers constitute a key target market for PulteGroup. "We knew this [application] would be well received by Gen-Yers, given that moving into home ownership is a big step," explains Deborah Meyer, Chief Marketing Officer at PulteGroup.