With a suite of updates, Yahoo comes into the news for its popular Mail product and other portal tools. Blake Irving, executive VP and Chief Product Officer, announced fortified Search, Twitter integration, an iPad app and others on the corporate blog this morning.

Yahoo's New Features Go For Speed and Social Support

Yahoo Mail, "with even more focus on performance and speed," has an improved user interface and better spam filters, according to VentureBeat. In keeping with Irving's efforts to curate online data, the portal hub contains more news and entertainment. For connecting users with family and friends, feeds for Twitter as well as Facebook are connected to the Mail news stream.

The emphasis of these updates is about speed, as was shown by presentation coverage from BusinessInsider. Irving promised during his talk that Yahoo "will iterate faster." Most likely that refers to news headlines on the portal's main page, and with the release of the iPad app this will become even more of a necessity with the app's dedicated interface.

Social sharing-enabled Customized Content Ads are now available with new ad formats.Yahoo will aim to give its advertising partners a platform with more customizability, opportunity for virality with its sharing feature, and ability to stand out with more viewing configurations.

Irving also mentions Yahoo! Connected TV, which was announced yesterday as a partnership between the Internet portal and Toshiba America Information Systems. Connected TV will deliver interactive Internet content on certain new Toshiba HDTV models. Users can choose from Yahoo! TV widgets that rent movies from Blockbuster as well access services from CBS News, Pandora, eBay, Twitter and Facebook while simultaneously watching TV. The development kit for Yahoo! TV widgets will be available for publishers.