Young people are driving online video usage and advertising acceptance, as shown by a study from Media research consulting firm Frank N. Magid Associates, Inc, sponsored by Metacafe. Other key findings from the "Magid Media Future

s 2010: Online Video" show that fifty percent of Internet users watch online video once a week or more, up from 43 percent in 2009. Within this group, the mean amount of time spent is 4.6 hours. 85% of males 18-24 watch online video weekly or more as well as 67% of the 18-34 demographic. 68% of Females 18-24 Watch Weekly

Online video growth is expected to grow at a rate of over five percent in the next year. Additionally, many consumers are interested in connecting the computer to their television in order to watch online video on their set - about 38 percent are somewhat or very interested in doing this. Media professionals do not have to worry about Internet video cannibalizing traditional TV, according to this study - it appears to have minimal perceptual effect on live TV viewing.

Short format video is very popular - eight out ten genres of video are short format, rather than full length TV episodes or films. 3 out of 4 respondents watch some sort of professionally produced short form clips regularly, across all age groups. Nearly one-third of viewers find these videos as or more entertaining than full length shows that they watch on TV - 28 percent think they are more entertaining than TV.

55 percent perceive online video ads as or more acceptable as TV commercials, and only 24 percent find them less acceptable. Among younger users, the percentages are more favorable - eighteen percent of males and ten percent of females aged 18-24 found online ads more acceptable while older users tend to view online and TV ads equivalently.