While most companies are launching their own cause-oriented initiative, YouTube starts positioning itself as the go-to platform for video storytelling “For Good”.

YouTube Wants to Help Promote Social Causes


Enterprise Social Responsibility is becoming a must for companies. While a lot of large tech companies have been developing campaigns, initiatives or partnership to show their engagement in the “Social Good”, YouTube is adopting a slightly different strategy. Instead of supporting a single cause, it wants to brand itself as a key platform for  organizations wanting to promote their social good campaigns with videos. YouTube just released its “Playbook for Good” – a guide that educates orginizations to the use of YouTube for their projects supporting causes. In this guide, YouTube gives a number of recommendations as to how organizations can leverage its platform to increase visibility.

Not Just Videos – Storytelling for Causes

YouTube’s key argument to convince organization to use its platform is that video allows for good storytelling – and storytelling is an efficient way to engage with users and trigger interest. Videos allow selling a product or an idea in an easy way, and letting consumers get a glimpse of the organization's personality and character. YouTube also encourages organizations to be concise and catchy within the first moments of the video to effectively attract viewers’ attention. YouTube also insists that the more a company is regular in its video making, the greater the long-term impact will be for the company.

Partnership With Non-Profits

Though originally meant to be a platform for users, YouTube has been developing a number of partnerships with private companies as well. It now seems like the video platform wants to increasingly become a medium for non-profits to rely on and share their message across globally. The video sharing website has a non-profit partner program in which official not for profit organizations are able to benefit from a designated channel specific for such organizations. This not only allows users to find potential volunteers for their cause or campaign, but also to fundraise using a Google checkout “donate” button. Campaigns such as "The Gift of Clean Water - Project for Awesome," where a fight against poverty and an advocacy for clean water was launched for children in Bangladesh, was able to achieve success thanks to YouTube’s.

By Marcus Burke