Apple announced Thursday that it will release its new laptop on October 14th. The laptop, code-named “Brick” may mark Apple’s first foray into the budget-laptop market, as it is rumored to be priced at $800. The new laptop is said to be made from single sheets of aluminum – hence “Brick” – carved with a laser and water-jet system, which would reduce manufacturing prices and also make the laptop sturdier. Last month, Morgan Stanley’s Kathryn Huberty said that budget computer (under $1,000) was the only current computer growth market. Apple has always been known for the high price of Macs, letting PCs dominate the budget computer market. At $800 dollars, the price is still much higher than most budget PCs, but Apple’s nurturing of a cache market has shown to provide underwhelming market performance.

The laptop announcement, and the attendant rumors swirling around it, shows that Apple is still the master of maximizing hype. Since little was revealed about “Brick”, rumors about its specs have been flooding the internet. It’s incredible how easy Apple makes grassroot advertising seem.

Twelve new Mac laptops will reportedly be revealed next week at “The spotlight turns to notebooks” event at Apple’s corporate campus in Cupertino, CA, on the 14th. The company’s earnings announcement will occur a week later, October 21st.

Apple’s stock continues to trend with the rest of the tech industry, as shares are down $11.36 since Monday’s opening.

By Mark Alvarez