Botégo is an intelligent virtual assistant for web customer service, a semantic a virtual chat application that helps users navigate a site while interacting with it in the same way they chat in real-time with a customer-service representative. “Intelligent virtual agents are able to interact intelligently with users, reduce support costs, encourage self-service and customer loyalty, and serve as a branding tool for the enterprise," according to a company press release. "They provide a unique, interactive and personal way for users to get answers and assistance on your website, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.” Botégo is intended to replace live customer support service and FAQ pages. It works just like live chat: type in a question and Botégo tries to answer


“Botégo's smart virtual assistants answer questions and navigate the customer through the website as they do so, making information retrieval faster and more convenient.”

The service is monitored by editors, who add new information to the program, based on user questions it was not able to answer, thus creating an ever-expanding database.

Botégo uses semantic technology to interpret and respond to user queries.

“Botégo uses a proprietary 'pattern matching' algorithm entirely developed by our software team,” according to the company’s site.

It “automatically navigates the user to the relevant page on the website, depending on the topic the question is related to.”

If its algorithms are sophisticated enough, Botégo could significantly reduce site-navigating time. Users might appreciate the novelty of interacting with its AI interface, but it’s the speed, efficiency and intelligence of AI chat that will make or break Botégo.

By Mark Alvarez