With consumers spending more time online, especially on networking sites and other user-generated sites, advertisers have learned to take their message to these new spaces. It is forcing brands out of their comfort zone into a cha

otic online world where they have less control over their image and where empowered consumers can distort their messages. In addition, some companies and CEOs are using blogs to get their views out. Here too, the lesson is that consumers can fire back in a way they never could before. What is a corporate blog good for? Corporate blogs come in all shapes and forms. They can have many missions from sharing products news to collecting feedback from customers to discussing high-level issues impacting an industry. But corporate blogging is not for the faint of heart. As Walmart’s fake blog showed last year, corporate bloggers and companies who are not prepared to be honest as well as timely and personal could see the whole effort backfire. Here are seven corporate blogs worth a look. Damage control in the user-generated world Savvy Internet users can distort brand messages and their clever creations can get around the Web to thousands of viewers in minutes. This is the brave new world that companies must learn to live in. Marketers worm their way into user-generated content Brands are following consumers to social networking sites, blogs and Second Life. The “momentum effect” has huge potential, but will consumers ignore or even reject these marketing efforts?