There is nothing more abject and debilitating than listening to gamers squabble over their respective skills. Logic and reasoning have no place in these disputes, only vitriol and despair. That is until started promoting itself as the objective moderator of such conflicts. At last, the gamers’ actions will speak for themselves. By setting up an account, BringIt users can legitimately evaluate their skills as a video gamer, while also potentially earning substantial money. Each ante can range from $1 to $100,000 (BringIt pockets 10 percent). To establish community standing, the results are publicly recorded to the member’s profile. Following the battle, a detailed report of the competition is provided in order to minimize discrepancies.

The idea is that BringIt is not gambling because it involves skill and minimal chance, similar to a sporting match or tournament. With BringIt, becoming a professional gamer has shifted from a delusion to an aspiration, with each member given an equal playing field to start from.

The BringIt platform is well constructed. The Web site supports PCs, Xbox 360, PS2, PS3 and Nintendo Wii. Aside from the console, the necessary inputs are computer hookups, an Internet connection and a Gamer Live Card. Unfortunately, the service is not available for group games such as Counter Strike. However, the membership is free and the compatible games are cutting edge, albeit limited.