The big story about this year’s conference is that Apple is no longer involved. “I’ve got four words for you: Steve Jobs isn’t here,” keynote speaker David Pogue said after arriving onstage doing a Steve Ballmer imitation (which itself was an imitation of a drunk gorilla). While attendees see Apple’s exit from Macworld as a loss for the conference, Pogue says that it will be freeing, saying, “For the first time we don’t have to kiss apple’s – we can say anything.” “This is a Macworld where anything will happen,” said GM of Macworld, Paul Kent.

Not quite. Despite a scripted part in Pogue’s speech when Apple “shut him down” for some facile criticism (AT&T’s network), it doesn't look like there will be many harsh words flung Apple's way. But at least we know that jokes about Jobs’ absence will be in great supply.

A good portion of Pogue’s "Late Night Show" was dedicated to his parody songs. He also talked with Auto-Tune the News, a group that runs the news through Auto-Tunes, resulting in some pretty layered, funny stuff.

The most notable part of Pogue’s presentation was when Star Trek’s LeVar Burton played Steve Jobs in a skit, based on It’s A Wonderful Life, complete with everyone reading off scripts.

“I am a geek,” Burton said.

When asked the question that’s probably on everyone’s mind – what he thought of the iPad – Burton admitted that, while he’s been an Apple fan for a long time, Apple’s tablet is their first product that’s failed to excite him.

“I think its cool, but I don’t feel like I need it,” the actor said.

By Mark Alvarez