Konolive KonoLive is the Instant Collaboration that offers a unified collaboration space, transforming processes into intuitive single-click actions. Chalex Chalex Corp is launching BpDAM a collaboration online service that elim

inates the need for email attachements. Combining project management functions with file sharing and assets library management, this tool allows teams to collaborate remotely. Huddle.net Huddle is a web based collaboration application that allows users to collaborate on personnel or business projects. Huddle.net is launching its Facebook application at the show: users can access all the Huddle functions from their favorite social network website. Rove Mobile PC Mobilzr enable the access to your PC computer from a mobile phone from any location. You just need to download it either from a computer or a phone and you can start using it immediately. You can operate any application on your PC from your mobile phone and the demo is impressive. It is available now on Pcmobilizr.com for BlackBerry and Windows Mobile. Read more in my article. Catalyst Web Services CatalystOffice is a web based suite of applications for small businesses: email, document management, calendar, contacts and IM. Businesses pay a subscription based on the storage capacity they need, not on the number of users. Sterna Technologies Sterna Business Positionning System BPS provides a Business Analytics platform that helps manager and executives to have a real time visibility on their operations and alerts them on any deviations.   Find all the sources, and discover more consumer electronics news and reviews at Ubergizmo.com.