Liquidus Liquidus provides low-cost commercial advertising video production, distribution and placement to local businesses, on digital cable video on demand (VOD), online, standard TV, eTV/IPTV and eventually mobile devices, via

an easy to use web interface business owners can customize the advertising video. TubeMogul Monetization is the greatest challenge that web video creators are facing today. Tubemogul helps video producers upload their content on multiple video websites from a single web page. In addition, it provides a set of analytics tools to track when, where, who and how often the video was watched. Users can monitor accurately how popular their videos are and share the data with their colleagues. Visible Measures Visble Measures tracks users behavior with online video, their tools are capable of monitoring the audience of a video clip second by second. For the demo, the CEO showed us how an advertising was ineffective as the majority of the audience stopped watching before the product was shown. Other functions include a location based audience tracking tool. Read more in my previous article   Find all the sources, and discover more consumer electronics news and reviews at