Atelier North America covers the most interesting conferences. Our reporter Isabelle Boucq was in the field, and came back from San Diego, CA with a lot of interesting news... 69 companies compete for the spotlight at Demo Fall

07 Since 1991, Demo has been THE place for high-tech companies to announce new products. Skype, TiVo and the Palm Pilot are among the graduates of this conference which promises “a sneak peek at the future of the technology business” twice a year... Second day of Demo Fall 07 gets off to a promising start Returning to business after an evening of partying and mingling at Demo after Dark, 37 companies are presenting today and the energy in the room is feeling decidedly more energized on the second day of the conference. Demo Fall 07 wraps up After the last of the 69 demos, Chris Shipley used a string of qualifiers to describe the trends represented by this year’s companies: rich-media, social, collaborative, secure, business-aware, creative, global and mobile. It about sums it up.