The Emerging Communications Conference & Awards (eComm) takes place April 19-21 at the San Francisco Airport Marriot. The conference is focused on What’s Next in Telecom, Mobile & Internet Communications. It’s designed to a

ccelerate communications technology and business model innovation. Participants attend to be exposed to the latest technologies, research, companies, trends and opportunities.

Day three this year is being dedicated to augmented reality (AR). AR may prove to be as significant as the introduction of the Internet itself; moving computers off desks and out of their separate modality into our lives.

Given the fact that AR is beginning to break out, day three of the conference is also being treated as a stand-alone. Separate tickets are available for those who only want to attend that day.

“We want to make the physical world our platform and to accelerate the AR industry,” said eComm organizer Lee Dryburg.

“The best way of doing that is to bring together the thought leaders who wish to spur AR onto the mass market with the communication-innovation community which our eComm audience represents, the most-influential smartphone developers, and the early-stage venture capital community,” Dryburgh said.

This year’s speakers include Yelp’s Ben Newhouse, Google’s Hartmut Nevin, the FCC’s Carlos Kirjmer, Skype’s Jonathan Rosenberg and Columbia University’s Steven Feiner.

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By Mark Alvarez