The kick-off event for this year’s French Tech Tour is taking place next Wednesday, June 9th, at the Quadrus Conference Center in Menlo Park. Before the companies participating in this year’s Tour demo their products, t

he event will feature a panel discussion, “Breaking into Silicon Valley Mastering Savoir Faires and Avoiding Faux Pas,” hosted by former Atelier CEO Dominique Piotet, which will be followed by a presentation by Criteo CEO (and FTT alumnus), Jean Baptiste Rudelle.

Organized by UBIFRANCE’s San Francisco office, the French Tech Tour is a week-long event reserved exclusively for 15 of France’s most innovative hi-tech small to mid-size companies, as selected by our partners in Silicon Valley.

Those companies chosen to participate are selected from applications across the country, and flown to San Francisco for a whirlwind week of business development abroad. The tour is complemented with introductions to communications consultants, demo coaches, venture capitalists, lawyers and successful entrepreneurs.

Of the 16 companies chosen to participate last year, six have since moved their activity to Silicon Valley.

We saw a lot of interesting and innovative companies at last year’s French Tech Tour, and this year’s agenda looks equally promising. Register for the event here.

By Mark Alvarez