Future online shopping based on email?

  • 15 Aug
  • 2 min

A New York-based startup is now offering a way for people to make purchases directly via their email box. Could this be a workable alternative to social commerce?

Email is widely used by brands to inform customers about their latest products. However, the recipients very often skim through the message fast and forget it just as quickly. Now NYC-based Rebel is looking to take this approach a step further by enabling Internet users to shop without leaving their email box. Its latest product, called RebelShop, is basically an interactive email format equipped with functionality that enables brands and retailers to invite customers to select an item for purchase, enter their address and details, and pay for the goods directly.

Following the very limited success of the ‘buy’ buttons that allow shoppers to purchase goods directly on the social networks (Twitter ceased offering this functionality in January this year), the email approach might prove to be a new avenue for online marketing. ‘Buy’ buttons remain available on several other social platforms, including Instagram and Pinterest, but the concept has never really achieved the expected sales levels. So, going forward, might email prove to be a new goldmine for brands and marketing practitioners?

By Guillaume Renouard