The majority of the most popular Apple apps, according to comScore’s tracking of February 2009 downloads, are Games or Entertainment. The most popular Apple app according to the number of downloads is Tap Tap Revenge, which has been downloaded by 32 percent of Apple App users. “Tap Tap’s success demonstrates that there is ample opportunity in the app space for any publisher to obtain significant distribution with a product that engages users," according to the press release accompanying the report. "Since the number of app users is growing nearly ten percent each month, that opportunity will only continue to grow for both existing and emerging app developers,” according to the press


12 of the 25 most downloaded apps were Games, and four (Backgrounds, Bubblewrap, Lightsaber Unleashed and Remote) were Entertainment.

Two of the top ten apps were social networks: Facebook, which was downloaded by 26 percent of users, and MySpace Mobile, downloaded by 23 percent.

Apple app users are 32 percent more likely to come from households making more than $100,000 a year, and over half (54 percent) are from households making more than $75,000 a year.

“The results indicated that app users were a particularly desirable audience because they were higher-than-average income consumers heavily engaged with online media content.”

This desirable demographic visits certain categories of sites more than average Internet users do. The top five are: Retail, Conversational Media (social networks and blogs), Entertainment, Sports and Search/Navigation.

Apple App users are more than three times more likely than the normal Internet user to visit gaming sites and social/communication/entertainment sites like AIM, Hulu, Twitter, Digg, iMeem and MTV.

By Mark Alvarez