Too Good To Go app helps grocers avoid wastage

  • 23 May

Young French startup Too Good To Go has developed an app designed to avoid food wastage by helping grocery stores to sell off unsold foodstuffs in special surprise packages.

Official figures from the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) reveal that close to 1.3 billion tons of food are thrown away every year. The food thrown away in Europe alone could feed around a million people, a figure equal to the total number of people in the world suffering from malnutrition. Combating food wastage must therefore be seen as a major humanitarian issue. 
In recent years, a number of startups have taken up the challenge of combating unnecessary waste, creating tech tools that provide an alternative approach to distribution. The young French startup Too Good To Go is a perfect example of the new socially-responsible approach to food distribution. The company has developed an app that enables food stores to offload their unsold produce locally. How it works is that partnering stores commit to assembling ‘surprise shopping baskets’ from foodstuffs whose sell-by date expires on a given day. These baskets are then offered for sale via the app at vastly reduced prices. Baskets are reserved online and customers can then come and pick them up at designated collection times. 
With this system, everybody’s a winner: the grocery stores succeed in offloading unsold produce, customers can obtain a valuable food basket for next to nothing and, in addition, any unsold ‘surprise baskets’ are handed over to needy local people. Indeed consumers are invited to purchase 2-euro food baskets which will then be distributed among the homeless and deprived. This is the real benefit of the TGTG initiative: it seeks to create a unified, inclusive system that links business logic and social needs in a responsible manner.