Matthew Glotzbach delivered the second Keynote speech today at the Office 2.0 Conference. Glotzbach is Head of the Enterprise Product Team at Google, rather a secretive section until recently. His topic: "10 things I can do in the cloud today that I couldn't do a year ago." (Assume all applications are Google's unless otherwise noted) "#10 Anything Everything on the go" The iPhone makes all cloud-based workflow, including Google Apps, possible in a more accessible fashion while traveling. "#9 Search through all my email..." With 25 GB in Gmail, the concept of never deleting email is possible. "...and check email from my IMAP client"

"#8 Chat with customers and partners in any language"
Glotzbach presents Hosted Talk Gadget, a browser-based chat with language-specific bots to do real time translations in an IM setting.

"#7 Collaborate simply and securely on projects with Sites & Docs"

"#6 Organize all my business travel with email" organizes emailed travel information, builds a master itinerary and creates an iCal feed.

"#5 Easily collect data from co-workers and customers using forms"
Docs spreadsheet has a feature where a survey can be easily embedded in a blog.

"#4 Build any scalable business application on the cloud platform"
Examples include, Amazon Web Services and Google App Engine.

"#3 Use online templates for documents, spreadsheets & presos"

"#2 Run fast, secure and stable web applications"
New browser Chrome focuses on speed and security. The V8 Benchmark clocks IE at 20, Chrome at 1190 (yes, bigger is better).

"#1 Securely share video in Apps"
"Adoption is up... and usage is accelerating." 3000 new businesses sign up every day. One year ago 46% of Word Processor usage was on Microsoft Word, 17% was on OpenOffice, and 11% was GoogleDocs. Currently usage is Word: 46%, OpenOffice: 16%, GoogleDocs: 20%. As usual, the more flexible OpenOffice users are the minority, and many are now on the forefront of the Cloud Office trend. At this stage, Cloud Office equals Google Docs, but a future browser-based OpenOffice is much anticipated.

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